Re: VIC-20 ROM problem...

From: Carlsson, Anders (
Date: 2000-09-12 17:42:55

"Daniele Gratteri" <> wrote:

> When he turn on the VIC-20, the power LED lights and on the screen appears
> the light blue contour with white inside it, but WITHOUT ANY CHARACTER!
> What ROM is damaged? The Kernal, the Basic or the Character ROM?

I would also believe the RAM could be the faulty part, as the video
matrix is in the RAM, and something like this might happen if the RAM
doesn't work? 

Possibly unrelated: I own a switchable 32K RAM expansion which sometimes
connects poorly, and thus is unusable until it is correct seated. If I 
switch on the 8K block at $A000, the screen is filled with garbage 
characters and locks up.

/Anders Carlsson
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