Re: 1541 -> 2031

From: Ojala Pasi 'Albert' (
Date: 2000-09-11 12:32:08

> since I don't know whether it is the drive or the computer that is acting
> up.  Pasi, you have a working PET, don't you?

MMF9000 is in a working condition, my 3032 has a broken fusebox.

Made a C16-version of PuZip yesterday, btw.. I can't test a
Plus4 version, which I probably try to finish today anyway.

For some reason C16+1581 needed some delay between a command-
channel CHKIN and CHRIN or the first digit of the error number
is received incorrectly. Not quite so surprising because also
VIC20 is too fast for 1581. Each CHROUT will 'fail' because of
a timeout error, although in reality it works quite well. A ROM
patch would certainly cure this (increase the serial bus timeout),
but then it would be a non-standard machine..

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