Re: Alternat BLOCK-xxxx formats
Date: 2000-09-05 23:09:50

Hallo Marko, Wiliam,

> Either  "U1:2 0 18 1"   or  "U1:"2;0;18;1  will work.  These commands are
> formatted by the print statement just as they would be if they were sent
> to a printer or to the screen.  What the disk drive wants to see is
> U1:2 0 18 1

Using the original commands, The PC sees "U1:2 0 18 1" indeed. Using "," 
instead of ";" increases the number of spaces a expected. 

Marko's solution prooved to be correct. So I must assume it simply is a big 
slip of the pen of the author. 

Thanks for your help.

Groetjes, Ruud

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