IEEE-488 modification (1541): ROM image required (urgent)

From: Marko Mäkelä (
Date: 2000-08-31 11:18:59

I've built the IEEE-488 modification for the 1541 that was published by
the 64'er magazine in 1986 or so.  Unfortunately I apparently made a mistake
when typing the ROM generator program from the magazine.  The check sum
calculated by the program is correct, and so is the check sum calculated by
adding all 8192 bytes and the carry flags together (it yields $e0).  But when
I plug in the EPROM, the red light and the motor stay on.

The drive powers up with the original rev. 5 ROM properly.  When I remove the
$c000 ROM, the drive shows a pattern of 3 blinks and keeps the motor on.
The EPROM adapter works correctly, since I can read the EPROM sitting on it
as a 2364 ROM with my EPROM burner.  And the bytes nicely sum up to $e0.  But
something must be wrong with this image.

So, could someone supply me with a working 1541-IEEE-DOS image?  I'm in a
small hurry, since next week I should transfer some PET software to an
emulator, and I thought I would use the modified drive for that.


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