Re: External KERNAL using a 6510

From: Nicolas Welte (
Date: 2000-08-30 10:01:16 wrote:
> - My first thought: where could you get a loose 6510 in those days for a
> reasonable price? I think thay costed about $40 at that time.
> If this construction works or not, the fact that they used a 6510 in this way
> completely suprised me. I wonder how you feel.

Hallo Ruud,

I also read this article and I remember it very well. It is a very
straightforward and, if you like, brute-force approach to get the HIRAM
status to the external cartridge. I liked that idea :-) 

In the times when Commodore was still alive, spare parts were not that
expensive. I remember buying CIA chips always in the range from DM 25 to DM
40, so I think the CPU will be in the same range, probably even cheaper.
Just study some old ads of Rat&Tat in 64'er and RUN. 

Another thing that I always wanted to try, but never got around to do it,
is that they say that the cartridge works without the 6510 if a C128 is
being used! This would mean that on a C128 somehow the signals on the
expansion port are different according to the state of the internal HIRAM
signal. I always wondered what that difference was. Anyone an idea?

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