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From: Larry Anderson (
Date: 2000-08-25 19:39:11

Richard Atkinson wrote:
> Taking a break from all this VIC-IIe hysteria (and believe me, I am very
> excited) I thought I'd share with you the latest find. It's mainly to ask
> about PET ROM versions, as I'd like to place this machine in the PET
> timeline. I've just been given (or rather CUCPS has just been given) an
> English Commodore PET 2001-32N BS which is nice because I thought these
> machines didn't exist in the UK.

32N us 32k non-business keyboard...  What does BS sifnify? British
Series, Business System?  Haven't heard of that extention, may want to
see if it has any added ROMs, if it is a 'Business System' maybe it has
a Wordpro and Visicalc...

> It's not a rebranded "personal computer" 3032; it's an original "PET 2001
> series". It has the shiny metallic nameplate sticker rather than the dull
> matt black one that I have seen on all other UK PETs so far. It has the
> typewriter keyboard, not the calculator keyboard and built-in datassette
> drive of the very earliest PETs. What ROM variations could occur on this
> machine, and how do I detect them?

The metallic stickers were what they used after they ran out of the
original fancy Black/Gold ones for the original PETs (I don't know for
sure, but I think there are a couple variations on the shiny ones, one
being blue on chrome and another: black-chrome I think...) after that
they went to the matte black&white.

>From research it took about a year before the newer PETs came out, so
1979/1980 would be a good guess...  Does it have the upgrade (###) or
4.0 (4.0 ***) ROMs?  Those are the two variations.  (note that the 4.0
ROM in the 9" models is different from the 4000/8000 4.0 ROMs)  The
upgrade works with most of the older software, 4.0 is more hit and miss
with games, but business titles are more prevelant for it.
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