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From: Hársfalvi Levente (
Date: 2000-08-25 17:04:48



> Well done Levente!!!
> Are you going to upload the PIC source code and binaries as well? ;)


Of course, I plan to include the commented source together with the
schematics and tips for re-building the circuit.


> Once it works, do you plan to adapt the design to PS/2 mice as well? AFAIK
> they have a standard TTL interface, so the hardware should become even
> simpler. And somehow I observe that today's universal mice are USB/PS2 and
> not serial/PS2 anymore.

Well probably. Once I was thinking on leaving the serial mouse idea in
favour of the PS/2 mouse, but I had no infos on this latter. Does anyone
on this list have docs for the PS/2 mouse? (Connector layout, protocol
and so on). Indeed, supplying the appropriate voltage level have been,
and is still a critical part in the interface design (at least, if one
wants to avoid using integrated dual voltage doubler chips and the
like). I started with using some 555+diodes+capacitor based circuit,
then swapped it to a TL497, then left the whole part and powered the
mouse from the single +5V (current prototype board). Some mice still do
work from this supply, some not. I don't want to rely on this
possibility, so I'll either include a small voltage multiplier, or
forget the whole idea and move to the PS/2 mouse (which one, depends on
how much troubles will I have with the voltage part, and if some of you
can point me to a PS/2 mouse info source).

Now I'm gonna be off for a week or so. I'll be on holidays and plan not
to bring any computers with myself (computer free tour :-)). Then I'll
finish the doc / the design and upload it to funet. Any comments or
ideas are of course welcome.

With best regards,


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