Re: Serial Port Question

From: Mike Naberezny (
Date: 2000-08-19 00:58:43

On Fri, 18 Aug 2000, Richard Atkinson wrote:

> How are you powering the 4066? An analogue switch needs the various supply
> terminals to be held at the correct potentials, otherwise nasty things can
> happen with latchup.

For my test I stole some power from the user port, and my voltmeter
confirms it's getting regulated 5VDC at the 4066.

> Other than that, I can only suggest that the extra resistance is causing
> problems with burst mode (due to larger R in RC time constants) so perhaps
> you might consider trying it with a C64 (or in 64 mode).

Same result.  Nothing.

> Connect RESET straight through between all ports, by the way - there's no
> harm in resetting all devices at once.

I just didn't connect it because of laziness.  :-)

Any other ideas?

 - Mike Naberezny (

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