"Mystery" 1571.

From: Martijn van Buul (pino_at_dohd.org)
Date: 2000-08-06 13:18:58

Okay. I've seen 1570's with 1571 boards, 1570 with 1571 with stickers
sticked onto them who said that it was a 1570 board anyway, but this
one is new to me:

A 1571 with a 1570 board. (put precisely: It's a 1571 board allright,
but the board itself is labeled as 1570 board. I would have thought
that it were a refurbished 1570 drive, but, it has the 310654-05 (EP)ROM,
which is of a much later date to my best knowledge. The drive was 
original: The warranty seal was unbroken.

Somehow, I don't understand how a "1570" board ends up with a new ROM..

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