Re: 8050/8250 : user

From: ken ross (
Date: 2000-08-05 01:11:33

> wrote:
>> IMHO there is a neat way to find out if a 8250 is dealing with a
>>8050-disk or
>> not by reading the first two bytes of second BAM-block. $27/$01 means an
>> 8050-disk, $26/$06 means an 8250-disk. The question is does the 8250 use
>> as well?
>No, I don't think so. After all the drive does report read errors for
>the second side, if you have a 8050 disk in it. It would rather report
>illegal t&s errors if it knew the disk type.
My friend ,speaking as a user of these beasties here is what happens :

1/ put an 8050 disk into 8250 - first access of disk and you get a 'not
found error'  , second access no probs ,  <=  hit shift run twice >
the only time you'll get any further errors is if you're dealing (writing )
with rel files on it or if you need to write anything =>2052 blocks .

2/ put 8250 disk into 8050 ,  items written past the 2052 blocks point
create probs but it can be written to with no probs , ( again rel files can
create problems .)  , it all depends on reading on reading or writing .

my original 8050 drive was playing up so i stowed it and pulled out an 8250
out of store and put it into service and i've been using  8050 disks in it
quite happily ( 1) and i've found out that a few of the disks in the
library were actually 8250's and i'd been dealing with them (2) .


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