8050/8250 - diskformat

Date: 2000-08-04 20:54:52


I know there has been some discussion about how you can tell a 8250 to go into 
the 8050 mode. But what I don't know (missed, forgot) is how a 8250 recognizes 
if it is dealing with an 8050 or an 8250 formatted disk. AFAIK that it simply 
expects to read a 8250-disk and if it isn't, returns a read-error.

The reason while I'm asking this is the fact that I'm devolloping the part of a 
program which enables you to creat disk-images. I noticed that byte 3 of T/S 
18/0 was $80 for a 1571-disk indicating a double sided disk (0 for a 1541). 
Then I noticed that there was no difference in the directory headers of a 8050 
or 8250-disk. So how is a disk recognized?
IMHO there is a neat way to find out if a 8250 is dealing with a 8050-disk or 
not by reading the first two bytes of second BAM-block. $27/$01 means an 
8050-disk, $26/$06 means an 8250-disk. The question is does the 8250 use this 
as well?

Groetjes, Ruud

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