Re: 6510 and 8500 differences

From: Hársfalvi Levente (
Date: 2000-08-01 09:04:27


Richard Atkinson wrote:

> I am not aware of HMOS-I machines outside of America, so our US
> friends will have to help us out on this matter. Who has a 7501 machine?

Better said: does anyone have such machine with a still working 7501?!

I have about 4 or 5 machines from this series (2 C-16, some Plus/4) -
whilst I have just _one living 8501 processor, which was even
manufactured in '90 (replacement). I still kept the dead ones; I have
one 7501 so I'm pretty sure you could find Plus/4s manufactured with
7501s even in Europe.


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