Net notes - hardware test#1...

From: Larry Anderson (
Date: 2000-08-01 06:59:44

Now that I have ofically started my August Vacation, I finally lashed
together a pair of 64s for my LAN cable test...

These initial tests are done one to one, to keep the programming easy.

Andre Kaesmacher had provided me a pair of BASIC programs (thanks, as I
haven't yet removed the pile of stuff from my 'programming 128' I used
these programs)
one program is setup to get a decimal input and send the decimal byte,
the other to receive and print the number, basically the same process as
the ML code with only the receive needing to suspend IRQs.

First try was a success!

Now I put the two basic programs together so they can both send and
recieve (changed from input to a GET to make it more of a speed test
too), set one to start out on sending - the other to receive first
(after that they switch roles back and fourth). 

First off I note that the reciever must be running before the sender,
otherwise there is no apparent communication.

Now, for the first several trys I get a good connection one way, but
garbage going the opposite direction, switch computers, mess with wires
(maybe the problem is I'm using some flimsy (but real cool looking) iMac
phone wires.)  A couple times the garbage is on one system or the

Finally I have attained good communication both ways, possibly the
problem was because one system had jiffyDOS active (does it use the
serial ports?), I think one program has a different timing value then
the second now as well (initial receive has 1/4 and initial send has 0/4
- high/low values for timing)...  Will have to dedicate more time on
these questions, as well as make mods to the BASIC for a three system
test (and get some Assembly coded for real speed tests).  But the
modular cable does operate!

Letter from Andre Kaesmacher:
> Hello Larry,
> i visited your page about the Network for Flash
> Attack.
> Very nice work.
> Like Richard (Atkinson) said, both of our solutions
> should work at the software-side well together.
> It would be very nice, if you could check my test-programs at:

The d64 image has the BASIC programs i used as well as some assembly
which I have yet to look at.
> I would also like to test your Programs, if you like
> to.

I will get to them this month but I have many other things going on as
well...  Will post when I get that far.  (=))

Slowly but surely... 

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