Re: Playing samples on both new and old SIDs

From: Hársfalvi, Levente (
Date: 2000-07-27 08:33:43


> I know that there is a way to get samples (digis, etc.)
> to play loudly on new SIDs as well as the old ones - I'm
> looking for a software solution.

That's simple: init all sound sources to play 100% pulse width
squarewaves. With this, changing the volume register will generate the
same ramps as you'd get with a 6581.

> In a similar vein, is there a way for a program to
> auto-detect what kind of SID is in your machine?  It
> seems to me I've seen this before, but I honestly can't
> remember where or when.  Any idea how it's done?

Check Mathematica II by Reflex (it also autodetects the SID before
starting the demo).

The difference is in the combined waveforms. So if you init the SIDs
third voice to play one of these at a well selected frequency, then
check the wave value register of the voice after an appropriate time,
you can make a decision from the value you got whether it is a 6581 or a


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