Date: Thu, 25 Oct 2018 13:09:15 +0200
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I put recently my hands on a dusted-off 1570. Gosh, I know these drives but after each longer break it doesn't stop to amaze me afresh what a he^hack of a device this is - pieces of 1541 and 1571 crammed together as quickly as possible, however it fits. It's not about this though. It's about Michael Lamm's "Prospeed71", which I found inside there. Looks pretty interesting. For example returns various drive names ("1570" when not connected, "1541" when connected, ...), does something similar what I planned for my next Dolphin, namely putting more lines next to the obligatory ten parallel ones in order to "offshore" the control to the USER PORT plug. Yeah, interesting but I found surprisingly little info on the net. Other than

and the 64er issues referred from there, not much more so far.

Does anyone have f.e. KERNAL dumps, manual?

SD! -
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