Re: Old programmers (was: CBM-II Character Set and Colour Expansion)

From: Mia Magnusson <>
Date: Thu, 26 Jul 2018 03:26:26 +0200
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Den Wed, 25 Jul 2018 05:45:29 +0000 skrev "Baltissen, GJPAA (Ruud)"
> > Btw not sure what the hardware requirements for Windows 10 are, but
> > I assume that a Pentium III, which is about the fastest that has
> > ISA slots, might be too slow.
> Why would one have to run W10? Why not an older Windows that suits
> the machine? I have several machines running the combination of W98SE
> and XP: 98 is DOS only for my real time applications, XP because it
> is accepted by W7 and higher on the network. Several machines run XP
> only. These are package 3 versions, installed clean from the CD. No
> further update or whatever. But then I don't visit Internet with
> these machines, that I'll do with my modern well protected and
> updated laptop. It worked out fine for years already. An example:
> modern PCs only accept one floppy drive these days. So I Found this
> older P3 Fujitsu and installed a 1.44 MB, 1.2 MB drive and XP. I now
> use it to create images of various floppies that I find or are given
> for this purpose.

I too have a bunch of computers doing various tasks. But it seems like
so called "normal" people don't want to have 10-30 computers in their
house doing various tasks, even if they are somewhat into vintage
computers. Strange "normal" people :)

Btw as the support for XP finally ended recently (if you had applied
the "POS ready" registry patch, otherwise it ended a long time ago), it
might be a good idea to have a separate network which only can
communicate with your local machines but not reach the net, and use
that for those older XP machines.

XP and to some extent W2000 and NT is a bit special in that there are
no security patches but they can still kind of mostly run modern
software, which I believe makes them more prone to attacks than most
other operating systems. Even if there are some large exploatable holes
using 16-bit Netscape or Internet Explorer in Windows 3.x, I actually
thing that if you use them and navigate to a malware site they won't
bother produce binaries that works under Win16. The same is probably
true for most other older operating systems, especially the
non-Microsoft ones.

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