Super CPU problem

From: Terry Raymond <>
Date: Tue, 24 Jul 2018 12:18:19 -0600
Message-ID: <>
Hi all,

For those who own the CMD Super CPU
I have found a problem with the Enhanced SID StereoPlayerV10.3
After about 3 hours if being on loading the Enhanced Sid songs loads okay
but when it's supposed to play nothing happens pressing the F5 function key
won't abort the song being played, or pressing the spacebar quits
the current song from playing
None of these won't respond the computer seems to lockup at that point.

This has happened on both the V1 and V2 Super CPU.

I thought maybe the Stereo Player files were corrupted I switched to a
different SID artist loaded he player then the Played didn't lockup.
I switched back to the Sid artist songs that were looking up and then it
would play, at some point though one finally did lockup the computer.

BTW these are the Compute Enhanced SID music system in the U.S.A

I don't think the Stereo Player files are corrupt but wondering if it's
related?  I have the cover off of the Super CPU the Ramcard broke on my V1
Im just mainly using Jiffy-Dos abd the faster processing spedd.

When I load the Stereo Player I boot in Turbo speed.
I have tried loading at just 1mhz abd this lockup still occurs.

Also I'm using the SD2UIEC using an 8GB micro SD adapter which has been

I removed the Super CPU just loading on a stock C64CRev-E then the lockup
dissapears, seems it's something to do with the Super CPU.

I will try a fan blowing on the Super CPU see what happens.

I haven't really seen any other problems with running the Stereo Player at
Turbo speed the little band in the upper right corner really jams out
faster. 🙂

Terry Raymond
Received on 2018-07-24 21:00:04

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