Re: SuperCPU for my C64 and C128

From: Luis Rene Vela Garcia <>
Date: Fri, 20 Jul 2018 07:50:41 -0500
Message-ID: <>
Thanks Terry for sharing your view and knowledge.
I'm considering the platform has a feature where the speed can be
customized by the user at any time. Therese, the wavefiles or other
programs should be played without issues.

Thanks again,

Luis Vela

El jue., 19 de jul. de 2018 1:12 PM, Terry Raymond <>

> Hi Luis,
> I have read on some websites about the older Super CPU has some
> incompatibilities and I believe it mentions optimization issues.
> I own both the C64V1 and V2 Super CPUs I really use them for the faster
> speed and using the Wheels upgrade for GEOS (US upgrade) I really have no
> complaints about them I love the faster speed, if I have to run at 1 MHz I
> can tell it has spoiled me seems very slow. :)
> The current SCPU seems to have an issue with playing the unpacked Riff
> Wave files using the $D418 SID routine, the SID uses a 4-bit frequency and
> so does a. Unpacked Riff Wave file they are compatible, I have noticed that
> at about 14 to 20 MHZ (with the 65816) playing this kind of wave file plays
> too fast like Chipmunks so using a delay slows it down and the Wave file
> will play at the desired speed.
> This is a little off topic but I know older PCs with accelerators have
> this issue so some games etc just play too fast, is this the actual
> optimization
> speed or the problems with C64 games? Maybe it's something Im just not
> understanding as usual.
> I welcome new improvements one suggestion, CMD with the V1 they made a
> separate PCB for the RAM that plugged into the main board was fine, but
> they used a cheaper 72 pin Ram socket (socket was good) the two retainers
> at both ends that firmly seat the RAM module in place were made of cheap
> plastic they eventually break off.
> I'm not criticizing CMD they were trying to make the unit cost effective
> and they learned a lesson with this because the V2 SCPU ram retainers were
> the better metal type.
> The last SCPU's haven't been made in years now so I welcome a new
> excellerator that can be made again finally.
> Im hoping the Ramcard can be made the same it compatible to support those
> who may need their V1 Ramcard fixed or a new one.
> I'm In the same boat learning FPGA, electronics MOS etc
> I enjoy this list and the interesting posts about Commodore hardware.
> I fully support this project I wish you success.
> Terry Raymond
> On Thu, Jul 19, 2018, 7:25 AM Luis Rene Vela Garcia <>
> wrote:
>> Hi Baltissen,
>> Thanks for sharing. My first roadmap it's to develop my prototype in
>> development platform and lateral try to design a custom board. Also, i have
>> considered to implement the prototype in the U2+ and then, to allow the
>> community to reuse the hardware bought already for them (this is a
>> possibility but first let me see to achieve the project  hahaha). Right
>> now, i don't have a U2+, i'm seeking to get one from Gideon with a safe
>> shipping service because the postal service in my country is awful.
>> Cheers,
>> Luis Vela
>> dsp8bit
>> El jue., 19 de jul. de 2018 1:13 AM, Baltissen, GJPAA (Ruud) <
>>> escribió:
>>> Hallo Luis,
>>> > how is the signaling exchange between the C64 and the SCPU
>>> The SuperCPU disables the 6510 and takes over the C64. I don't know
>>> exactly how but this page has info on the CP/M card for the C64:
>>> It includes a schematic and should give you an idea how the 6510 can be
>>> stopped and put in tri-state and how the a-synchronous Z80 handles the
>>> transfer of data between itself and the C64. This could be a starter for a
>>> simple design where the 65816 just runs at 1 MHz and does nothing else than
>>> replacing the 6510. Next step could be to make the 65816 run at an odd
>>> frequency like 5Mhz just to make sure that the synchronization works. Then
>>> it is adding RAM, ROM and I/O to the design.
>>> When I bought the 1541Ultimate one of the ideas was to use as a
>>> development platform as well. Particularly I had the SCPU in mind. But I
>>> soon found out it was way above my head: no FPGA knowledge :( But I thought
>>> that what I could not, maybe others could. So I convinced Gideon to make
>>> the Ultimate open source. Maybe something for you?
>>> Regarding my FPGA knowledge: I bought a Godil and did some small
>>> projects with it. But it convinced me that the Ultimate is still out of my
>>> league yet :(
>>> Good luck and have fun!
>>> Met vriendelijke groet / With kind regards, Ruud Baltissen
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