Re: Software for MS-DOS 1.25

From: william degnan <>
Date: Fri, 6 Oct 2017 11:07:35 -0400
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There is a lot of CP/M 86 software for this card, I have quite a few disks
including I think WordStar.  The MS DOS port is pretty much an experiment
IMHO.  Aside from the fact that most IBM PC software requires DOS 2 as it
is, it's probably going to be slim pickings.  I do have a collection of DOS
1-compatible software for the IBM PC, might as well try all of it and see
what works.  I have an article about how the port was performed, there is a
process for running DOS on a non-IBM PC.

On Fri, Oct 6, 2017 at 10:52 AM, Steve Gray <> wrote:

> This brings up some interesting questions...
> 1) How important is the MS-DOS version compared to the BIOS on the 8088
> card?
> 2) Did Commodore implement a complete BIOS on the card? If not, what is
> missing?
> 3) Is the MS-DOS 1.25 a "standard" release or is it customized for the
> 4) If it's standard then what's stopping us from transferring newer MS-DOS
> releases?
> 5) Is there some standard PC test suite that can to a compatibility report
> of some kind?
> I'm willing to host disk images on my CBM-II webpages if you can assemble
> a nice collection of software verified working on the card.
> My 710 with 8088 card  and 8050 are handy, but I'd have to dig out a PC
> with serial port.
> Does RECV.EXE also send the files or is there a separate program for that?
> Would it/they work using a USB to RS-232 converter?
> Steve
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> *From:* Michał Pleban <>
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> *Subject:* Software for MS-DOS 1.25
> Hello!
> I have dug out my Commodore 710 with the 8088 card and booted MS-DOS
> 1.25 on it. It contains a program named RECV.EXE, which allows receiving
> files over the RS-232 connection. The program is not documented but
> after some debugging it turns out that it uses some simplified version
> of Intel HEX format to transfer the files.
> Now, I would like to download some software and try running it to see
> whether it works. But after browsing some software archives I can see
> that most DOS software is available for later versions of MS-DOS. Is
> there any place where I can find applications that would run under
> MS-DOS 1.25?
> Regards,
> Michau.
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