Re: Success - first hires graphics ;)

From: Andy Grady <>
Date: Fri, 8 Sep 2017 08:08:38 +0100
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When I get a moment I can forward you a few bitmaps I managed to display on the Supersoft board as would be cool to see them on your system. 

Also have code that draws hi res mathematical graphical images but not sure how you would use them right now.

A lot of it was found on the net and converted to the Supersoft format. Some of it from the DWW hi res board which I can forward on also.

The resolution of my board is 320x200 and I think you will have to reverse the bits also as FF is no bits set and 00 is all set. Simple subtract from 255 should do that.


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> On 7 Sep 2017, at 07:41, vossi <> wrote:
> @Ruud:
> I will read the 6545 datasheet to better understand why the screen starts at
> $0000.
> ...also I take a look at the IBM CGA adapter - it uses the same 6545 with
> 640x200  pixels graphics mode.
> Mix-mode:
> It seems like the board disables the char-rom, if there is a SPACE character
> and reads the bytes from the graphics RAM. If a character is in screen
> memory the character has priority!
> All character-rom pins are wirde to the socket except pin21. Here it seems
> to disable  the rom. This is CS3 at the 2316 rom but I have an 2716 eprom
> and this has here VPP. OK, vpp should be at +5V normally, is the eprom
> disabled with GND at VPP???
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