Re: Difference in luma-chroma delay of C64/C128 compared to standard S-video

From: Gerrit Heitsch <>
Date: Tue, 5 Sep 2017 14:44:45 +0200
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On 09/05/2017 02:38 PM, wrote:
>> On 2017-09-03, at 23:30, Mia Magnusson <> wrote:
>> I fired up my old CRT TV and also a supposedly good DVD player (Yamaha
>> DVD-S1700), and my C128.
>> Here are some pictures. [...]
>> This is how my C128 looks on my modern Samsung plasma. I assume the TV
>> set notices a delay and takes a bad guess how to adjust to the
>> situation, making it even worse:
> Having a look at this (the DVD stuff doesn't add any value here as its signal is probably way closer to the standard specs than what the computer gives) I would say:
> a) you seem to have the colour shifted not only to the right but also down. You don't expect that adding some tens of metres of cable for chroma can fix this, do you?

Some TVs and monitors don't like the Chroma signal as produced by the 
C64. In this case it often helps to add a 330 Ohm resistor in series 
into the Chroma signal between the C64 and the display.

The little 5,6" display from Pollin (when patched to S-Video) is such a 
case for example.


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