Re: Difference in luma-chroma delay of C64/C128 compared to standard S-video

Date: Mon, 4 Sep 2017 21:29:56 +0200
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> On 2017-09-04, at 19:19, Gerrit Heitsch <> wrote:
>> Did anyone try to run a C64 with an independently clocked dot clock?

I just did. I put an 8MHz clock directly on 6569R5 VIC's pin 22.

>> How did it look like?

Heavy colour bleeding and some dot crawl on some colour changes aside - perfect. So I tuned the clock to be 7.88MHz and it seemed fully perfect. Subjectively better than with original clock, although I'd have to connect it to spec analyser and a truly hi-res display to be convinced about that.

> That would be interesting to see... I wonder if modern TVs/monitors would be able to display an image with 8 MHz dot clock, after all, the rest of the timings change as well.

That I wasn't able to confirm due to lack of any modern TV close at hand.

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