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> On September 3, 2017 at 2:01 AM smf <> wrote:
> Which is what the attourney will have needed to see before they staked their career on authenticating the copyright claim. Both the seller and the buyer will have an attourney.

You would think that but that may not be what the attorney's contract was stipulating. The attorney could just be relying on their client's word.

> > Without doing that, even I could have an attorney's name on a bogus claim of assets. I could just as easily say I own the copyrights to Atari 8-bit ROMs and make a nice looking agreement and pass it off as legit when in fact it is full of b.s. 
> That is a ridiculous claim. Prove it.

Sure but when things are as muddy as it is with Commodore rights then yes. Point is prove it is the point. It's not even clear that ESCOM actually ever got the copyrights. It's unclear if ESCOM did get the copyrights that it ever transferred to either Tulip or Gateway Inc. and so forth. Trademarks, yes. Copyrights not so sure.

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