Re: Difference in luma-chroma delay of C64/C128 compared to standard S-video

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Date: Sat, 2 Sep 2017 04:20:08 +0200
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Den Fri, 1 Sep 2017 10:03:53 +0100 skrev smf <>:
> On 31/08/2017 22:04, HÁRSFALVI Levente wrote:
> > (As a side-note, AFAIK basically all Commodore monitors have been
> > manufactured by contractors... JVC, Sharp, Philips, Samsung, and so
> > on; and also, the picture of the C64 would need to be consistently
> > differently shifted on standard CRT TVs and early Commodore
> > displays if Commodore had had the manufacturers tailor the luma
> > delay value of their products; which AFAIK has not been confirmed).
> Supposedly the monitor was tailored to the 64.
> commodore wouldn't have a problem selling you a monitor that would
> only work properly with the c64, because they wanted a reason to sell
> you another monitor.

I'd rather assume that Commodore just used the timing you got with
signals ment for mixing to composite, as that ment the least extra
effort to provide Y/C output on C64. There were no S-video stuff at
consumer equipment at the time, so there were really no standard to
> But commodore quality control was only interested in a vague sense of 
> working and not catching fire too often.

Atleast Philips had their own quality control that ensured that the
Philips made monitors (1084 e.t.c. I thing?) were good enough.

> I never could afford a monitor back then, so I couldn't tell you
> whether it was misaligned or not.

Back in the days I had a Thomson 14" CRT (which were also sold as
SABA). It had a SCART input but only composite and RGB, so not really
optimal for a C64. Later I realized that it had about the worst
bandwith of any RGB equiped CRT TV set... On the other hand that TV set
had a scart connector with RGB at the time most other TV:s only had RF
or at best a composite video input. Too bad that I didn't know about
the rgb switch voltage on scart pin 16 at the time. I actually modified
the TV with a switch between the color decoder part on the main board
and the RGB amplifiers on the smaller board with the CRT socket, to
feed in RGBI from my C128. :)

(I still have that Thomson CRT TV somewhere unterneath-behind in the
garage. Btw it were available with ir remote for a higher price, but
mine didn't have that. But it had touch buttons for channel select, so
I soldered in a connector for a wire remote to be able to change
between the few channels available at the time :) 

At the time the Swedish importer of Commodore stuff (Handic/Datatronic)
imported their own Y/C capable monitor with their own Handic brand. I
don't know who made that monitor, but by recalling a weak memory from
how it looked on the inside I think it were probably some Asian
manufacturer and most likely not Philips).

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