Re: Difference in luma-chroma delay of C64/C128 compared to standard S-video

From: Mia Magnusson <>
Date: Sat, 2 Sep 2017 03:54:33 +0200
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Den Fri, 1 Sep 2017 22:51:29 +0300 skrev Marko Mäkelä
> Were there actually any SECAM outputting home computers, or were they 
> all RGB or RGBI through SCART? I wonder how/if the French people used 
> computer-generated graphics or title pages in their VHS home videos.
> How would you record from a C64 or Amiga to SECAM VHS, for example?

AFAIK French CD32 had RGB in a mini-din with more pins than the
standard 4-pin s-video connector.

I've read that the video game Atari 2600/VCS only had 8 colors on
SECAM, but I might remember that wrong.

P.S. afaik the ME in ME-SECAM on VHS stands for Middle East.

In the 80's the cost of producing multi system TV:s dropped. AFAIK
every TV in West Germany and many TV:s in East Germany did have both
PAL and SECAM (due to West Germany using PAL and East Germany using
SECAM). I guess that french TV:s also accepted PAL via video inputs
(i.e. SCART or similar).

But france also used the opposite polarity of the video signal compared
to most other countries, and they also used AM modulated audio on RF.
So the RF modulator must have been different.

A sidenote/anecdote: Back in the early 90's when "pirate" decoders of
enctrypted analogue cable TV were legal here in Sweden I noticed that
if I switched a multi system TV to the french standard I got a good
sync signal from the audio output. So I combined two MF modules for the
same kind of TV and used one for the usual PAL B/G system for
video/audio and another set to the french standard just for recieving
the sync signal. It needed a tiny bit of processing, just some mono
flops to adjust the timing and then imposing on the video signal that
they transmitted with sync signals level shifted so the TV shouldn't be
able to show any usable picture. Bingo, all premium channels for free
and available with the TVs own tuner/remote instead of a separate box :)

(I assume that I don't break any rules or laws by telling this now as
it were legal at the time and nowdays there are no such cable networks
so the information is not useable to view TV for free).

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