Re: Difference in luma-chroma delay of C64/C128 compared to standard S-video

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>> When I was pushing that, I was almost sure everything could be handled and corrected. The eventual show-stopper was when I realised that odd and even fields are actually of different duration and there is no way to make VIC-II generate make every other field longer/shorter.
> If you could adjust the VIC II timing externally then it would likely upset a game or demo.

Depends. It's academical now but SCROLY/RASTER register driven stuff shouldn't be affected except if cpu cycle-counted across VBI. But - in any case - once I eventually realised that it would require alternating the duration then it became clear that it can't really be done the way I wanted it. Namely fully standard compliant and with no perceivable latency.

> It's weird that some modern tv's have problems with 240p from analogue inputs (including component). However they appear to be ok when fed HDMI.

It's the digitising circuitry that has problems with those.The 240p existed in the digital domain for long but it wasn't really so much there in analogue and "typical" analogue input circuitry is not prepared to handle it.

> I wonder how we could pursuade the people churning out the Wii & PS2 component to HDMI adapters that there was demand for a c64 y/c to HDMI.

? AFAIR it's not /that/ difficult and there are adapters that do this kind of things, including ones that specialise with the old computers and consoles signal.

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