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You and your humor. It was just a hypothetical point to be made. I made sure there is a notice that there is no copyright infringement case. The point is for illustrating what kinds of factors I would have to consider if there ever was a case. It's better off to not bother making stuff that would inherently be copyrighted for the Commodore 8-bit computers and not worry about suing anyone. Whatever I made, 30 years ago, I don't give a sh-t about it anyway. There's no point in suing someone for copyrights unless the work would currently generate significant revenue and the damages are sufficient for a legal case. Bottom line, if it isn't worth it enough to bother with registering the copyright, it's probably not worth it to file lawsuits.


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> >         If I were to go after someone like Groepaz for violating copyrights of my
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> >         ... you'd actually have something created that is worth talking about?
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>     fat chance :)
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