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From: J. Alexander Jacocks <>
Date: Sat, 26 Aug 2017 13:34:28 -0400
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Considering that nobody here is likely privy to the details of the IP
transfer agreement, or any possible royalty payment requirements for the
possible IP licensing, why worry about it?  The ROMs are available quite
cheaply, and in a convenient format.

Cloanto has seemed, for a number of years, to have been a positive force,
in the Commodore vintage community, in that they help to introduce new
folks to the hardware and software, through ready-to-run emulation.  Sure,
it'd be nice if the ROMs were legally unencumbered, but that's never going
to happen, short of court action.

I don't know how anyone else feels, but this seems, to me, to be much
better than the Atari revolving ownership situation, that perpetually
leaves the community wondering if the next new owner is going to take some
legal action against re-use.

- Alex

On Sat, Aug 26, 2017 at 12:17 PM, Jim Brain <> wrote:

> On 8/26/2017 10:47 AM, wrote:
>>   From speaking to Mike at CRX this year, the copyrights that he
>>> purchased came with contractual royalty strings attached.  So when
>>> somebody throws up a kickstarter or whatever showing a commercial
>>> product with C=/Amiga ROMs built in, he gets nastygrams from them saying
>>> "Why aren't you pursuing this?  I should be getting a cut!"  That's
>>> likely the source of selectiveness for where Cloanto choses to pursue.
>> that sounds fishy by itself - either copyright is transferred to you, or
>> you
>> licensed the IP in question and pay royalties for it. AFAIK there is no
>> legal
>> scenario in which you both register the IP on yourself AND pay royalties
>> for
>> it to a third party. it doesnt make a lot of sense either (only the owner
>> of
>> the IP can register it, and the owner does not pay royalties to himself).
>> Maybe it's just a lack of understanding of copyrights.  Not everyone
> understand the intricacies.  Maybe it is safer to say he purchased rights
> to those copyrights, and he needs to pay a royalty on any sales, as part of
> the rights purchase contract. But, like you, I know of no scenarios where
> one can purchase a copyright and then still have to pay a royalty.  But,
> like on JiffyDOS, I licensed the IP, and my contract asks for a royalty
> payment.
> Jim
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