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Date: Mon, 17 Jul 2017 20:33:26 +0200
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> On 2017-07-17, at 20:14, Justin <> wrote:
> I was thinking of the space where the power in is, and between it and the joy connectors - not replacing them.  You should be able to fit several USB-C ports there, and they are thin enough that they probably would not be annoying like a full size HDMI port or the like.  The slick approach using the power port (where he has put 12V DC) would be to be able do power/data/video all over one USB-C cable.  Then you could just plug the machine into any recent display that offers power over USB-C and be done.  If you needed more USB connections for some reason, those monitors always have hubs built into them.  Or you could use a splitter/dongle that still uses USB-C for power injection but gives you female HDMI and USB.

Surely true - just too soon for that I'd say. You seemingly are an Apple user and have been already forced to use the USB-C. I am a long-time Apple user too but I so far have no single piece of equipment with USB-C. No, nothing, nada. And I CERTAINLY wouldn't plan to buy any just to be able to use the reimplementation of the C64...

Having said that - once USB-C becomes ubiquitous not only among Apple's early adopters there is a chance for a third or fourth revision of this product. Maybe then.

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