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Date: Tue, 13 Jun 2017 15:51:08 +0200
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> On 2017-06-13, at 14:08, Julian Perry <> wrote:
> >> >> My experience with Retrobrighting was with oxy laundry bleach and a fluorescent black-light. I took a few photos HERE. 
> >> >> The temperature of the water has to exceed 55c
> >> [...]
> >> Overnight: about 6 hours or so. Most of the bleaching seemed to occur in the first 2 hours, so you could speed it up by cycling it every three hours or so.
> > I see - and how did you keep it over 55C? A heater with thermostat or something?
> I didn't. The oxy cleaner stuff releases it's peroxide at that temperature which (mostly) gets dissolved, then it then cools. I suspect that's why most of the work is done in the first few hours (and why it usually needs to be done several times)
> It's not "optimal" - but it works. You almost don't think it's doing anything then you rinse it off, and compare it to before and it certainly has. 

SO you basically dissolve the oxy in hot water and then you illuminate it with "black light" overnight. Rinse and repeat three times.

Good. Everything's good that works. I found all the "original" and "improved" retr0bright recipes doing as much harm as good, next to requiring definitely non-negligible effort. I eventually found one that works well but takes lots of time. Yours seem as best compromise. Shall have to try it.

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