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From: Mia Magnusson <>
Date: Sun, 4 Jun 2017 03:39:00 +0200
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Den Sat, 03 Jun 2017 14:14:50 +0200 skrev
> Hallo Oldcomputr,
> > Maybe you have some disks for the C64 version of CP/M?
> I have D64 and D71 disks marked '128' by the previous user. Even 
> some original CP/M disks appear to be single sided.

The C128 were shipped with a CP/M disk that were usable in a 1541. Back
in the days I had a 128 with a 1541 and I remember that I booted CP/M.
However it took soooo much time to do anything due to the bad disk
performance so I never used it for anything interesting. The fact that
no programming tools (afaik) för CP/M were shipped with C128 didn't
help either.

IIRC the disk that shipped with C128 were a flippy. Thus you should
probably have two D64 images from that disk.

Remember that when the C128 started to ship there were afaik no new
disk drives. It took a while for the 1570 to be in the shops, and
the 1571 took even longer. Therefore the disk with C128 CP/M must have
been 1541 GCR compatible.

Re CP/M disks - it would probably be a good idea to add D64, D71 e.t.c.
support to some already existing application that's used to
manipulate/read CP/M disk images.

IMHO Commodore were bad at providing the kind of required transfer
software. Not only did C128 not ship with some transfer program for
moving data between CP/M and CBM disks, but on Amiga in Workbench 1.3
(and possibly also 1.2) there were a program included to read/write
ms-dos diskettes, but it were hardcoded to use the third drive and
afaik also hardcoded to use a 40 track (360k) drive, making the program
useless to most users.

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