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From: Bo Zimmerman <>
Date: Fri, 26 May 2017 04:00:21 -0500
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On 5/26/2017 1:59 AM, smf wrote:
> On 26/05/2017 00:56, Bo Zimmerman wrote:
>> A ton of Amiga and Amiga-related roms also, but I don't really 
>> publish those, so I'm looking around for who might be willing to sort 
>> and publish them.
> I can get that done.
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They are here:

For what it's worth, here is some advice based on my last 2-3 weeks of 
struggling through the other roms:

1. The roms were not always read out at the proper size for the target 
eprom, resulting in an image twice as big as it should be.  I used a 
little tool called FilePatternFinder * to detect this, and correct this 
problem.  I haven't run it against any of the amiga roms yet.

2. The filenames are SOMEWHAT helpful to identifying the rom, but you'll 
want more.   To give you some clues, I recommend comparing the unknown 
roms to KNOWN roms from your other amiga rom image collections.  When an 
unknown rom is 100% identical to a known rom, you win.  When they are 
98% similar, you might be looking at another revision of a known rom.  
When they are 10-20% similar, well, at least you know it was written for 
the same processor.  To scan all the roms against known ones, I used 
SimilarFileFinder*.  This was immensely helpful.

3. If #2 doesn't identify an image, then you might need to just visually 
scan the rom for ASCII information.  If it's a kickstart or bios, you'll 
find information in there somewhere. However, many of the roms are in 
even/odd format.  To fix that problem, I used FileDeInterleaver*.

* all the above named tools can be downloaded here:


- Bo

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