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From: Bo Zimmerman <>
Date: Thu, 25 May 2017 18:56:55 -0500
Message-ID: <>
Hello all,

I've recently had two new sources of Commodore roms fall into my lap.

One enormous set came from the "Commodore Live Preservation-project at 
Revision 2017 demoparty" in Europe. The the roms were delivered to me by 
a guy named Torsten Kracke.  The highlights here were dozens and dozens 
of new CBM PC-compatible roms, but there were a couple of new 8-bit 
things thrown in.  A ton of Amiga and Amiga-related roms also, but I 
don't really publish those, so I'm looking around for who might be 
willing to sort and publish them.

The second, smaller set was graciously made available to me by Martin 
Hoffman-Vetter.  The big highlight here was BASIC 3 roms for the 
original PET, but there were additions across the spectrum also, 
including Amiga.

So, while I'm sure everyone here already knows the way, here's 
directions to those roms:

Happy repairing, upgrading, or just researching the differences...

- Bo

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