Re: C128 Clock Stretching

Date: Wed, 08 Mar 2017 11:59:39 +0100
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On Wednesday 08 March 2017, 02:48:24 willymanilly <> 
> Jeremy-2 wrote
> > What OS are you using to make the Commmodore 128 available on? And have
> > you had any success with the 128 version of Vice team? Jeremyaka weirdwolf
> I'm using IntelJ IDEA on Windows to create all my emulators including the
> Commodore 128. They are all written in Java so they will run on any platform
> that supports JRE 7 or higher. Groepaz from the VICE team suggested I ask
> about c128 clock stretching on this mailing list.

that said, i somehow doubt VICE is doing it 100% correctly - that would 
probably at least require moving it to the "sc" cpu core (and a lot of testing 
after that)


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