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Date: Mon, 6 Mar 2017 19:16:56 +0100
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> On 2017-03-06, at 15:32, Bo Herrmannsen <> wrote:
> One thought came to mind, how can i test individual chips?

The good old way is to have a working, socketed board and test them there. I posted the cartridge image some time ago. Used it with combination of ports' dongles for many years when repairing CBM stuff for living some decades ago.

> There are the dead test cartridge and the diagnostic cartridge but they test the system as a whole
> could memory etc be test on say an arduino with a zif socket shield?

Theoretically yes. Practically you'd need to build the hardware environment required for the chip to work (in case of DRAM this is not only power but also refresh for example) AND the software to use the particular hardware setup doing all reasonable tests.

I humbly believe you don't really want to do this. I wouldn't for example ;-)


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