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From: Justin Cordesman <>
Date: Sun, 26 Feb 2017 01:57:44 -0800
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I've been using Rubycon and Panasonic based on optimizing for service hours and temperature, and buying milspec whenever it is an option.  On a GRiD I repaired recently I was able to replace motherboard electrolytic caps with ceramic equivalents so there are no electrolytic caps at all on the motherboard anymore.


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> Do we have any "proven" (reliability/longevity) capacitors brand to suggest to someone who wants to "recap" an A3k board?

Rubycon are known to last. Then there is Chemicon, they have this empty 
rectangle logo. SUN was using them both in their systems and while I 
have seen a lot of dead SUN systems over the years, I haven't seen one 
where the capacitors where the problem.


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