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Date: Mon, 20 Feb 2017 08:26:14 +0100
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On Monday 20 February 2017, 08:19:57 Gerrit Heitsch 
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> On 02/19/2017 11:47 PM, HRSFALVI Levente wrote:
> > Another addendum: Marko once measured the luma levels of different
> > VIC-II chips in the same C64 motherboard,
> >
> > txt> 
> >  . I don't know how well the data practically holds, since the
> > 
> > measurements have been done without using a standard 75 ohm load; yet,
> > one thing seems to be sure: there are slight differences between
> > different VIC-II chip revisions in the luma levels they produce. Maybe
> > part of what I've seen has been a result of that. I can't speak of the
> > other symptoms, I didn't make measurements myself.
> We have to remember that VIC is a bit of a mixed signal chip, it is
> mostly digital, but also produces analog signals. I take it as a given
> that there will be slight differences between VICs of the same revision,
> even if they come from the same wafer, let alone from different
> production runs where the process was tweaked over time.
> So measuring luma levels only counts if you have multiple VICs of each
> revision you can compare against each other.

indeed, some other ppl checked the luma levels in the past decades, and its 
always slightly different :)


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