Re: Is it at all possible?

From: Bo Herrmannsen <>
Date: Fri, 17 Feb 2017 21:37:04 +0100
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@Silver no problemo... its no rush. I'm still getting my head to absorb the
schematic from the Programmer's Reference Guide and schematic #326106.
There are a few differences allready between the 2 and so far i have just
put a circle arround them

But so far RP4 and L4 is the mystery bits. L4 is just listed as a line
filter with no values at all or any mfg code. all i know is that its 2
inductors in one unit

RP4 is a resistor pack with one common pin, but given its listed as a 10
pin device there are 9 resistors inside, but i can only count 8 on the
schematic so i guess 1 is unused.

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> > @Silver
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> > When you come by the 326298 please let me know.
> As I wrote, I should have one somewhere. The keyword here is "somewhere".
> So I might have a quick look but if it's not easily found then I won't be
> able to dedicate enough time to dig it out. And - obviously - it won't be
> for sale but I might check a thing or two for you if needed.
> BTW. Some time ago I had a short discussion about VIC-20 boards here. I
> don't remember know exactly with whom but if the person who wanted me to
> check things on those boards reads the list - please come back with your
> question again. Seems that I managed to gather /I think/ all my VIC-20s
> under one roof so I can check whatever you wanted to check there.
> --
> SD!
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