Pet basic-2 save different than C64?

From: Francesco Messineo <>
Date: Mon, 6 Feb 2017 16:32:58 +0100
Message-ID: <>
Hi all,
some more fun with the 3032 today.
For PC-CBM communications, I use a PC64 cable and cbmlink software.

On the C64 I've typed the basic loader to then send an image of the
server (cbmlink-cbmprg zip archive), then, after the server was
running, I sent a relocatable version of the server (cbmlink-cbmbasic
zip archive) and saved that to disk. It's a clever way to relocate a
small machine code program by the way.
On the C64, I saved this relocatable version on disk, before running
it, and it worked fine, it's 3 disk blocks.
Today I was trying the same procedure with the PET, typed the basic
loader in, saved it to a couple of tapes, so I don't have to type it
anymore, loaded the machine language non relocatable program with it,
then loaded the basic relocatable version.
Now, I tried to save this on tape, it's only 530 bytes (532 including
the start address), but the tape started to go on forever. It should
take about 11 seconds to save it.
So what's the matter with it? I'm not very familiar with the PET (I
was born with a VIC-20, then C64) but it seems it shouldn't be that
much different in this respect. Is the save routine broken in some
subtle way or my PET is?
By the way, I could save the non-relocatable version directly from the
PET monitor, almost same size and it takes a few seconds.

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