PET 3032 alive :)

From: Francesco Messineo <>
Date: Thu, 2 Feb 2017 13:02:49 +0100
Message-ID: <>
Hi all,
I've just repaired the 3032 electronics (case and all repaint will
require months).
It smoked a tantalum capacitor on first power-on (no, it wasn't
shorted as I tested all of them before powering on), then it showed
the usual random characters screen until I found and replaced two bad
ROMs. It was an easy repair after all, considering that almost all
chips have a 1979 date codes (two of them have a 1978 date code).
I've wired the power transformer for 240V, it was originally wired for
220V, the secondaries give a bit more than 16V AC now and all the
supply rails look fine.
Now I'll test (as time permits) the ports (IEEE, parallel, both tapes).
It was the one where I've found the "super tool" UD3 ROM expansion,
and it's my only PET anyway :)
CRT looks fine too, sharp and bright.
Just happy about it, no questions :)

Frank IZ8DWF

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