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> On 2017-01-07, at 20:05, Gerrit Heitsch <> wrote:
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>>> On 2017-01-07, at 19:47, Gerrit Heitsch <> wrote:
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>>>>> On 2017-01-07, at 18:10, Francesco Messineo <> wrote:
>>>>> Oh, by the way, never stack the C64 over the 154I for a few hours... I
>>>>> had forgotten how hot that drive likes to live.
>>>> Long ago I made a good use of an Atari ST and installed its internal switcher in place of the 1541 transformer, bypassing (actually removing) other hot suckers on the way.
>>>> Once the transformer, the rectifiers and the voltage regulators are gone - you can stack whatever you want on it ;-) The drive merely gets warm. And a kid can easily hold it with one hand as a bonus ;-)
>>> You can also check if the 1541 can be set to 240V input voltage. If yes, do that and it will get less hot.
>> I know this trick and I did that in '86 already ;-) Didn't help /much/.
> Then replace the 5V regulator (7805) with a switching regulator. That should make the largest difference since the 7812 is used mainly for the motors which don't run all the time.

I have a nice PCB with Molex connector (as used for power in 5.25 and 3.5 inch drives) where the voltage regulators used to be. So no need for anything else. The drive is as cool as it gets. Besides an el cheapo switching PSU is probably about the same price as a switching regulator these days ;-) Before that I remember I eventually replaced the rectifiers with bigger ones after having two die on me out of overheating probably. The 240V and the rectifiers helped a bit but not enough to be comfortable stacking things on top of the 1541.  The only problem I experienced with the cheap switching PSUs for 1541(-II) is that they can cause interference on the.. 64 screen! Adding some ferrites, which the Chinese like to substitute with wire jumpers usually helps though.


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