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Date: Sun, 18 Dec 2016 15:29:12 -0500
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Thanks for the repky

Yes I was interested in program files, I have an 8050 drive, a SuperPet and a Fat 40 converted to 80 columns, thinking of converting it back to show my son some games. I know there is a conversion program, I never did like the screen results.  It seems most of the fat40 material is in d64 format.  Do you mean use a emulated program on say a C64 through VICE and mount two drives?  I have not played with VICE that much.


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> > I was wondering if anyone is aware of a Linux based CLI tool or procedure that conversts from D64 to D80?  
> Why not use c1541 (comes with VICE) and a few lines of script? I take by "conver[s]ts" you mean generates a D80 image with the same files as the original D64. While I am not sure about REL files and obviously some decorative (like locked DELs) entries won't get through with regular copy but everything else will.
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