Re: Somewhat O/T: Identifying power supply coils?

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Date: Mon, 5 Dec 2016 11:37:03 -0500
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Sounds like a common mode power-line choke, but they usually have four wires, not two:


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Subject: Somewhat O/T: Identifying power supply coils?

Sorry for the slightly out of Commodore lane on this as I am actually trying to repair a GRiD 1520, but I was hoping someone here would know a good way to figure out correct replacements for old coils.  The GRiD power supply had hot glue gooped throughout it and while removing a leaking paper film filter cap assembly from the glue, I broke the wire leg on one side of one of the coils that was hidden inside the glue next to the cap.  It was sandwiched between two filter cap assemblies next to the AC cord connector so I assume it is acting as a bandpass to go with the caps. It has a donut shaped ferrite core with two windings on it, a red lacquer insulated wire is wrapped on the left half and green lacquered on the right, with two black leads coming off the back.  Iā?Tve never had to figure out a replacement for a coil before and I donā?Tt see any obvious markings on it so Iā?Tm not sure how to figure out values/equivalent current production parts.



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