Re: Stuff from Dennis Jarvis

From: Michał Pleban <>
Date: Tue, 15 Nov 2016 10:38:20 +0100
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Do you have the hardware in hand? I would love to get hold of the C65
memory expansion to clone it. I have the 1565 clone almost done, so a
clone of memory expansion would be awesome.

Also the B128 IEC interface looks interesting, is there any info on it?


Steve Gray wrote:
> Hi,
> It's been a while now, so I guess it's time I made this page available.
> Dennis Jarvis worked at Commodore on the 1581 and C65. Dennis contacted
> me and sent me some disks to back up, and some hardware to look at. It
> took me a while (many disks were bad) and then I kinda lost interest.
> Sadly Dennis passed away before I could finish and my page has been in
> limbo ever since. Rather than leave it, I thought I'd share it and maybe
> someone might be able to use some of the info:
> Dennis Jarvis Page <>
>     Dennis Jarvis Page
> <>
> There are more disks to be posted, and I will try to get to them in the
> new year. I've had some help archiving the disks (still to come), but
> there is still more work to do to organize and present it all.
> Steve

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