Re: components for C64 etc

From: Clockmeister <>
Date: Sun, 30 Oct 2016 08:25:28 +0800
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Maybe it's just me but I'm confused as to why you would start replacing 
resistors and caps randomly in diagnosing a C128 with a black screen.

On 30/10/2016 7:35 AM, Terry Raymond wrote:
> Duh and apoligies I googled
> Tantulum Capacitors and thats one component that is damaged on my C128.
> Also Packet Dip resistors.
> I guess im blind I cannot make out though what the part numbers are if 
> anybody could tell me whats used on any of the C64's or C128's?
> The Dip packet resistors to desolder seem to melt the plastic package 
> so I have only been able to remove them in pieces LOL, so maybe using 
> solder sucker or desolder gun, very quickly so as not to melt the 
> plastic packet (package).
> I found the Tantulum Capacitor and Packet Dip resistor on Jameco, but
> would I need to remove these components and read the OHM's value with 
> a voltage meter?
> Just to confirm if this is the correct way of finding the right part.
> So I had to think about how this might be done, maybe, if youre 
> getting older and cant read small numbers anymore, get magnifying 
> glass.  :)
> Terry Raymond

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