Re: Up9600 Routine Help Needed

Date: Mon, 26 Sep 2016 15:38:30 +0200
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On Monday 26 September 2016, 09:27:46 Nick Vivid <> wrote:
> Hey guys, this is Alwyz (Striketerm - the Novaterm 9.6 hack).
> I'm working on an unofficial version of CCGMS. I've gotten Swiftlink
> support installed (with hardware flow control working nicely), but getting
> UP9600 routines working is leaving me scratching my head. Daniel Dallmann,
> the author of the original routine, is off the grid from what I can tell.
> Here's what I've learned so far:
> - He posted this source in the late 90s.
> Going through the novaterm source code, the working routine in Novaterm 9.6
> has no source code associated with it. I've used regenerator to recreate
> the source code. That isn't working for me, either.
> I've vectored in the NMI,IRQ,RSIN, and RSOUT routines.
> I've got no keyboard response and no input either. It finds the UP9600
> interface, but in essence locks up the program with it installed.
> Anyone who would like to help me solve this puzzle, please send me an
> email. There's probably something very obvious that my lack of kernel
> expertise is not seeing.

from what i remember when i played with this 20 years ago :) the novaterm 
stuff was always a bit flaky.... i had better success with the little terminal 
thing poldi wrote -> see "miniterm" here:

you should probably also double-check that your interface actually reproduces 
poldis hack 1:1 (original post/schematic is there too)


LED-strips steuern zu wollen zeugt von der unkenntniss des wesentlichen. 

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