VIC 20 CR boards 250403 and 251037

From: Oldcomputr <>
Date: Sun, 28 Aug 2016 12:32:13 +0200
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Hi all,
I'm trying to compare the two cr boards, assembly numbers 251037 and 250403. On the 250403 the traces seem a bit more "hand drawn", slightly more precise than the traces on the 251037. All the components are identical at first sight.

On the back, my 251037 has two wires (a short one on the game i/o - control port and a longer one connecting a pin of the cartridge port to another place on the pcb).

But since I have many 250403 but just one 251037, I don't know if those wires came from a repair, a patch made by the previous owner, or the board came like that out of the production facility.

Can someone verify that?

I can give you a hint so you don't have to unscrew every screw just to check the assembly number on the back of the motherboard. Look at U13, just bottom left of the cartridge port: if the traces above U13 are slightly curved, it should be a 250403; if they are straight, it should be a 251037.

Please tell me if the wires are present or not, and if you find them, please post a picture too (or send it to my e-mail address if pictures aren't welcome on the list).


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