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From: Mike Stein <>
Date: Thu, 25 Aug 2016 23:07:24 -0400
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Willi!  How are you!

You probably don't remember, but you and I chatted a bit long ago (about some Z80 stuff that I couldn't find IIRC)...

I've heard a rumour that you might still have some original disks for the PEdisk somewhere; any chance that's true, and if so, would you consider letting us make some copies (pretty please )?

Either way, why not say hello again off-list...


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> Hi!
>    The PEdisk was a product of CGRS Microtech.  The G in CGRS was
> William Goble [Gobel?].  He was the designer.  The S in CGRS was
> Joseph Swope.  He was the mechanical guy.  I have their EXS-100, a
> board that added S-100 bus expansion to a PET.  I used it with a 32 KB
> S-100 memory board and a Versafloppy disk controller with two 8 inch
> drives as a development system.
> Willi
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