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From: Clockmeister <>
Date: Fri, 12 Aug 2016 14:43:26 +0800
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On 12/08/2016 12:55 PM, smf wrote:
> On 12/08/2016 01:56, Clockmeister wrote:
>> As an aside, the very earliest (non-Commodore branded on the fascia) 
>> PAL Amigas sold in Australia were NTSC machines converted to PAL by 
>> Commodore.
>> You can see the additional board added by Commodore here standing 
>> vertical with the crystal on it.
>> I'm not sure what the actual chip numbers are anymore, I would have 
>> to pull the A1000 out of storage and open it up.
>> If there is interest, I will.
> I am interested, it looks to me as if that has an 8367 PAL Agnus in it.
> Commodore is the kind of upside down company where they could make a 
> PAL version of Agnus quicker than they could get a pcb 
> designed/manufactured, I wonder what the story is behind that.

I've dug out the A1000 only to discover that I have replace Denise and 
Agnus for later chips at some point.
As that was my main machine for some time so it is possible they failed 
or I swapped them out. I did have 7 A1000's at one time, of those I only 
have three left.

FWIW Paula is an 8364 R4 week 43 1985 in that machine and I'm certain at 
least that is the original one and is certainly the oldest that I have 
found thus far.

  If I do find the the originals I will post the info.

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