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From: Anders Carlsson <>
Date: Thu, 4 Aug 2016 00:04:13 +0200
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smf wrote:
> On 03/08/2016 20:47, Pete Rittwage wrote:
>> By all accounts I've ever heard, Charpentier made the VIC-II for the 
>> home
>> computer specifically... VIC-40, which became the C64.
> The VIC-40 started as the VIC-20 with a 6562/3 VIC-I chip, later it 
> was used for the P500.
It appears the VIC-40 moniker has been used for many purposes: the 40 
column upgrade to the VIC-20, a code name for what became the Commodore 
64 and possibly more occasions. The article on my site that you link to 
refers to the Hannover Trade Fair.

Actually I found that the magazine itself has been scanned in its 
entirety. The article starts on page 24. Unfortunately it appears the 
editor only took pictures of one of the CBM-II computers, while the 
VIC-40 and Commodore 64 computers had been more interesting to see what 
they exactly looked like.

It could be compared to what happened at CES in Las Vegas already in 
January 1982, three months earlier when the VIC-40 was renamed Commodore 
64, and the P128 (P500) also somehow was on the table. But then again as 
pointed out, Commodore USA and Commodore Germany were two separate 
teams, as well as Commodore Japan apparently was working on their own as 

Best regards

Anders Carlsson

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